Xbox controller needed in order to play this game!

(If you don't see "press A to start", it's broken. Try another browser.)

(Beware, this is a ludum dare game!)


You play as a bacteria trying to absorb a whole organism. In order to absorb cells you have to infect them. Absorb as many cells as possible in five minutes!

Some info

A trailer is coming sometime

The journey

One day before the jam even started we went through all the themes and came up with some ideas. We had great ideas and we could not wait for the jam to start. We woke up realizing that the ideas we liked the best probably wouldn't fit the theme because we are never lucky.

"A Small World"

We liked the theme but as I said we did not have a good idea. We sat down for 1 hour and came up with something then we just went for it. Everything went great and we had an awesome time.

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